How to pay using Debit/Credit Card

E-commerce in the Philippines is going in the right path to being the mainstream online business. With the recent bank updates, online shoppers need to enable enable E-Commerce access in order to pay directly via Debit/Credit Card, this is at least the case in BPI online bank. 
Here's how to enable "E-Commerce Access"
Step 1: Login to your BPI App then tap on "Navigation Tab"
Step 2: Navigate to "Other Services" (see image)
Step 3: Tap on "Card Control"
Step 4: Your cards should show up in this page, then tap on "Show Card Setting"
Step 5: Toggle "E-Commerce access"
DONE! You should be able to use your card again for online payment. For other banks, just follow similar steps (we'll update this blog post for other banks in the future). 
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